Travel Protection

Utilizing HiveWatch’s robust real-time intelligence tools and sources on the ground, HiveWatch was able to identify a potential threat to travelers in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong


Group 12637
  • Hong Kong had been riddled with protests starting in June 2019, but the company had business to tend to in the region
Group 12637
  • Company needed to prepare and care for their traveling employees with pre-travel briefings, safety checks, and monitoring of local incidents


Group 12637
  • HiveWatch was able to identify a potential threat to travelers in Hong Kong and relocate them to a safer location in the middle of the night
Group 12637
  • In the two days following HiveWatch’s relocation efforts, security forces arrested 50 violent protesters, deployed water cannons with stinging blue dye, and fired rounds three times into the crowd in the Tsim Sha Tsui area, making this one of the most violent protests since June. These actions took place approximately 2000 ft from the hotel where the travelers were originally lodged.

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