Utilizing a GSOC

A popular American social game developer’s security team was facing uncharted territory when the COVID-19 global pandemic started in early 2020.



Group 12637
  • The idea of needing full time people dedicated to watching the alarms and cameras on site at their Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) no longer made financial sense.
Group 12637
  • Prior to the pandemic, GSOC operators would respond to an average of 100 emails and 500 alarms a day. After lockdown, the number went to only about 10 emails and 5 alarms a day.
Group 12637
  • They were paying hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to staff and upkeep a solution that no longer seemed all that necessary.


Group 12637
  • The company immediately saw substantial cost savings as they switched from an entirely in-house and on-premises GSOC staffed by third party security guards, to HiveWatch.
Group 12637
  • Refining processes with GSOC managers over time helped the company get to the level of security they wanted to be at.
Group 12637
  • More time for strategic security projects

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