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Experience a custom demonstration and find out how HiveWatch can elevate your security programs and technology with one powerful, easy-to-use platform.

What can you expect?

Live walk-through of our operating system, personalized to your organization's current security systems and business needs

Use cases for common security pitfalls like false alarms, tailgate detection, and device health monitoring

Learn about your deployment options 

Leave with actionable tips for your security program, and see how you compare with similar companies in your industry

Understand how HiveWatch can be a strategic partner for your security program


You’ll learn:

  • How the HiveWatch Operating System can improve efficiency in your security program and operations
  • How the HiveWatch OS is different from a PSIM
  • How to leverage our machine learning and AI technology
  • How we can connect your disparate systems, improve response time, unify guard dispatch, update device health, and give real-time metrics on how your systems are performing

See how to solve for common security pains

One system, multiple solutions.

Connect all of your various disparate systems.

False Alarm Reduction
Device Monitoring
Program insights & metrics
Budgeting & forecasting

Decrease costs while increasing efficiency

  • Reduce the amount of false positives coming from systems, allowing operators to become more proactive in responding to real incident alerts
  • Unite disparate systems without needing to rip and replace legacy infrastructure

Mitigate risk and improve security for your people, brand, and assets

  • Link and secure data across siloed security systems to ensure critical incidents are prioritized
  • Provide guards with situational context of incidents and modernize global communications between operations centers and the field

Securely scale and grow your organization

  • Optimize people, processes, and legacy systems to grow alongside the business
  • Gain total visibility of your security operations in a complete platform

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What Others Are Saying

Customer Results


1 minute

Average time to resolve an incident vs. 15 minutes for operators not using HiveWatch


Reduction in guard time per incident via the HiveWatch Guard Mobile App


Operator time freed up to perform proactive security tasks instead of chasing false alarms


The same customer would have needed 6x more operators to address their alarm volume without HiveWatch


  • How are you different from a PSIM?
    Historically, PSIMs were the solution that many companies spent substantial financial and human resources on with little benefit. These products are often native on-premise solutions, plagued by integration brittleness, cumbersome onboarding, and outdated interfaces. 

    HiveWatch is a cloud-native SaaS solution that is rapidly deployed, highly scalable, and helps organizations orchestrate their security. With a modern user experience, HiveWatch uses composable analytics to monitor and A/B test program design.

  • Is this solution designed for small businesses or enterprise?
    Both - there’s no limit to how many cameras, data points, or access control points you can connect. And we’ve seen the data get richer as more data points are connected. 

  • What devices can you integrate with?
    The HiveWatch OS has built in integrations with many of the most common access control devices and security cameras.  We are constantly expanding integrations.  Please reach out to for the most up to date list of integrations.

  • What other professional services does HiveWatch offer?
    Consulting services for companies getting their security program off the ground, as well as the vGSOC, virtual GSOC services powered by the HiveWatch platform. 

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