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Building Cyber Resiliency in a Physical World

Cybersecurity leaders have had it figured out for a while: building resilience is about adapting to threats, adversities, and challenges so a business can continue to meet market demand and stakeholder expectations. Physical security, while a critical piece of the puzzle for businesses with a large physical footprint, has been playing catchup over the years and is finally turning a corner toward building a more resilient presence using cybersecurity principles.

Experts answer and discuss the following:

  • How can physical and cyber leaders collaborate to manage risk to an organization? 
Group 12637
  • What are some of the techniques and best practices that cyber pros use (and vice versa) to ensure business continuity?
Group 12637
How can we mitigate against known (and unknown) risks together?
Group 12637
The complexities of physical and cyber security planning through the lens of cyber resiliency and its effect on your business


Ryan Schonfeld_headshot
Ryan Schonfeld
Founder & CEO, HiveWatch
Henry Park
Henry Park
Founder & CEO, 3GC Group
Gary Gooden
Gary Gooden
Former VP of Information Technology, Relativity Space

Former Chief Technology and Security Officer, Seattle Children's Hospital

James Rinaldi
James Rinaldi
Executive Director, Innovate@UCLA

Former CIO @ NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Food & Drug Administration, Internal Revenue Service

3GC PB combo - Vertical - SML

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