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Y'all Ready to Party?

Join us for axe throwing, table games, shuffleboard, and arcade games!

Let's just say, this ain't our first rodeo and we're fixin' to throw a party y'all will remember!

The evening will be filled with networking, food, drinks and fun at Dallas Lone Star Axe Throwing. Drop in any time - no agenda (or sales pitches) here! Space is limited so you must be registered to join


This event was created as a low-key space for end-users to network. Due to limited space will not be hosting any integrators or manufacturers. We can't wait to see you on the floor!

DATE: Monday, September 11 2023
TIME: 5:00pm - 8:00pm
LOCATION: Dallas Lone Star Axe Throwing
440 Singleton Blvd, Suite 140 Dallas, TX 75212

About the Hosts


HiveWatch makes it easier for companies to keep their people, assets, and brands safe. HiveWatch strives to revolutionize the tired and aged security industry and enable organizations to create more efficient security programs by reducing data noise, complexities, and cost. The HiveWatch® GSOC Operating System allows security teams to bring together data from their existing disparate security systems and provides them with an intelligent, holistic, and actionable view, enabling them to respond to prioritized, "de-noised" risks. 


SiteOwl is a lifecycle management platform that empowers physical security professionals to transform their infrastructure, projects and teams. By consolidating and centralizing the management of designs, projects, audits, security devices and vendors from a central location, SiteOwl enables customers to proactively manage distributed infrastructure and deliver safer environments with predictable outcomes.
SiteOwl’s suite of purpose-built mobile and web applications provide unparalleled visibility into daily operations, simplify security system management and enable security teams to become more effective business partners for the organizations they serve.


Allthenticate is a leading identity and access management company. With a commitment to simplicity, convenience, and security. Allthenticate is revolutionizing how businesses manage access to their physical and logical assets (buildings, computers, servers, and websites). Allthenticate provides seamless and efficient solutions for modern security challenges through cutting-edge technology and user-centric design.

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